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Friends of OWSD

Friends of OWSD are women and men from developed and developing countries with at least an undergraduate degree (or equivalent experience) across all disciplines (including the natural sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities), who are committed to promoting the objectives of OWSD and who are not eligible for the Affiliate or Full membership categories. Friends of OWSD are encouraged to engage with OWSD and its members through other support activities (mentoring, fundraising, networking, promoting).

To become a Friend of OWSD, please complete and submit our membership application. You will automatically be assigned to the Friends category if you do not meet the requirements for other types of OWSD membership.

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Gaber Sadek Ibrahim, Eslam

Country of origin: Egypt,
Currently in: Egypt

Neculai-Valeanu, Andra Sabina

Country of origin: Romania,
Currently in: Romania

Nwigwe, Godswill Chinonso

Country of origin: Nigeria,
Currently in: Nigeria

Shah, Wajahat Hussain Shah

Country of origin: Pakistan,
Currently in: Pakistan

Opondo, Immaculate

Country of origin: Kenya,
Currently in: Kenya

Alyami, Hanouf

Country of origin: Saudi Arabia,
Currently in: Italy

Detic, Eleonora

Country of origin: Croatia,
Currently in: Croatia

Novak, Kristina

Country of origin: Russian Federation,
Currently in: Russian Federation

Hassan Agha, Firas Natheer Abdulkadir Hassan Agha

Country of origin: Iraq,
Currently in: Iraq

Lugo Lugo, Jesus Antulio

Country of origin: Venezuela,
Currently in: Colombia

Acheampong, Nana Amoako

Country of origin: Ghana,
Currently in: Ghana

Bridg, Hannia

Country of origin: Germany,
Currently in: Germany

François, Ndayiragije

Country of origin: Burundi,
Currently in: Burundi

Levchenko, Nataliia

Country of origin: Ukraine,
Currently in: Ukraine

Li, Zejian

Country of origin: China,
Currently in: Italy

Glendinning, Laura

Country of origin: United Kingdom,
Currently in: United Kingdom

Voca, Narta

Country of origin: Albania,
Currently in: United Kingdom

Dlamini, Thandeka

Country of origin: Denmark,
Currently in: Lesotho

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