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National Chapters

OWSD members can meet other members in their own countries and regions through activities organised by OWSD National Chapters. National Chapters exist to support women scientists in and from the Global South with events and activities aimed at promoting women's participation in science and technology, scientific leadership, and scientific decision-making, both at the national and regional levels.

OWSD National Chapters organise a wide range of activities to achieve these goals, such as training workshops, scientific seminars, outreach to schools, and celebratory events. You can read more in our news section, and our annual reports.

Friends of OWSD and OWSD members abroad can also support OWSD’s mission through a Country Network in the Global North. Country Networks support women scientists from developing countries who live in the Global North, and also hold fundraisers for OWSD’s activities as well as communications campaigns to celebrate the successes and contributions of women in science from the developing world.

Where are OWSD's National Chapters?

OWSD has over forty National Chapters in the Global South, across all of our four regions:


  • Africa
  • Asia and the Pacific
  • The Arab Region
  • Latin America and the Caribbean.

To view all active National Chapters, click here

Get involved!

If you are an OWSD member, click here to find out if your country already has a National Chapter. If so, you can use the email address provided to write to the chapter’s committee and find out about their activities. You can also check our upcoming events page for something in your area.

If you are an OWSD member and there is no National Chapter in your country, you might be interested in working together with OWSD to set one up. Check out the guidelines and advice below to get started.

Finally, if you are a Friend, Ambassador, or Supporter of OWSD, you are warmly invited to support our National Chapters programme. OWSD does not currently have dedicated funding for the National Chapters programme, so any donations are particularly appreciated. You or your organisation can make a secure donation via Paypal by selecting “OWSD Membership and National Chapters” on our donation form. To make a more specific donation (e.g. to fund a mentorship programme in a specific country, or to support the establishment of a new chapter), please write to us and we will make a suitable arrangement.

How to establish an OWSD National Chapter or Country Network

Please download the guidelines and advice below for full details

OWSD National Chapters are for countries in the Global South (otherwise known as developing countries). OWSD Country Networks are for countries in the Global North (otherwise known as developed countries), and should orient their activities towards supporting and celebrating women in science in and from the Global South. Click here for a full list of countries in the Global South.

1. Check that your country does not already have a National Chapter or Country Network.

2. Write to us to inform us that you are interested in establishing a new chapter or network.

3. With the support of the OWSD Secretariat, bring together a group of dedicated volunteers to work towards the establishment of the chapter or network.

4. Identify an organisation that is willing to act as a host institute, and take responsibility for holding its funds (e.g. a university, women’s charity, or tech company).

5. OWSD does not have dedicated funding for National Chapters or Country Networks, therefore the group should have a fundraising plan to implement its activities.

6. Complete and submit the application form.

National Chapters are expected to initiate and/or participate in some of the following activities:

  • Implement the OWSD programme and objectives at the national level.
  • Initiate fundraising activities to fund national-level activities.
  • Develop programmes to increase awareness among political, NGO, professional and civic circles of the value of gender equity and female participation in science and technology.
  • Gather and disseminate information on equity issues in science in order to contribute to policy development.
  • Initiate research projects in the areas of interest to OWSD with particular relevance to critical development concerns.

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