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Women Beyond Boundaries (WBB)

October 23, 2023

SLNC /OWSD has moved one step forward to have it’s first ever event of the Women Beyond Boundaries (WBB). Dr. Asha Gopinathan, Neuroscientist from India had the opportunity to be the first speaker of this initiative. It was organized by SLNC OWSD on the 23rd October 2023 at the Seminar Room, Faculty of Natural Science, the Open University of Sri Lanka.
STEM education is one of the key success factors for women to be independent and connect to the world. Asha Gopinathan has much experience in the field of Neuroscience, but she became an award-winning writer in the later time. She is a recipient of the P.T. Baskaran Punicker Science writing Award. On behalf of SLNC / OWSD, my heartfelt gratitude to the presenter, Dr. Asha Gopinathan, Prof. Kshanika Hiruburegama (Ex officio / OWSD), Prof Sithy Iqbal (Member /OWSD), Prof. Sugandika Suresh (Immediate Past President), Prof. Usha Hettiarachchi (ExCom Member /OWSD) Dr Chaturi Nupearachchi (Secretary) and Ms. IndraChapa (Assistant Secretary) for the valuable contribution to get this event success.
Dr. Thilina Wanigasekera
President OWSD

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