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A Future Connected: Scientists of the World

April 15, 2024

On Tuesday, 16 April, OWSD,  the Organization of Women in Science in Developing Countries, will host the event, 'A Future Connected: Scientists of the World', at the Teatro Miela in Trieste. The event is a screening of a series of video portraits and direct testimonies of female scientists who live and do research in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Many of these women are pursuing scientific and technological enterprises that will change their communities. With this event we would like to share some of their stories with you. The objective of the event is to broaden the horizons of scientific citizenship from a local to a global perspective. Through direct testimonies and short video portraits it will be possible to meet scientists who deal with sustainability in the textile industry, purification of drinking water, creation of renewable energy, defense of biodiversity and much more in countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, Congo, Nepal, Guatemala, Kenya, and Ecuador. A breath of fresh air that brings innovative solutions and a vision of a shared future.

The six video portraits that will be presented are part of a series created over the last four years through the "OWSD Visions" training program for filmmakers to promote often invisible research. The program coordinator Nicole Leghissa and the Nepalese scientist Tista Prasai Joshi, protagonist of one of the video portraits, will be present to talk about their experience. Also present at the event will be 24 scientists who have recently won an important research grant: the OWSD Early Career Fellowship, and who have been invited to Trieste to get to know each other, network and participate in a series of trainings organized by OWSD in Trieste.

When and where: Tuesday, 16 April at 17:30 - Teatro Miela, Trieste (Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi 3)

Admission to the event is free and no registration is necessary. An aperitivo will follow the event.

We hope to see you there!

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