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Celebration of Literacy Week

September 15, 2020

‘Women and girls’ education during and after the Corona virus pandemic (2020), a webinar on the occasion of the literacy month of September.

Organization for Women in Science - Nepal National Chapter (OWSN) organized a series of three webinars to know the present situation and future scenario of school and college education in this crucial time of COVID-19. In this time of pandemic, the most affected sector is education and students. All schools, college and universities are closed and it’s uncertain when they can operate. All the schools and colleges are closed and they are operating their teaching schedules with help of online classes and presentations. So the objective of the webinars was to gather information on activities the school and universities conducting as well as to receive feedbacks by different stakeholders.

The first two webinars focuses on the effect on girl’s school education due to COVID-19 which was held in 8 and 12 September 2020, 10: 12:00 PM Nepal time. The webinar was attended by around 80 participants plus 8 hosts’ members. The webinar was structured in with welcome speech, presentations, panes discussion and each followed by questions and answers from the participants. The third webinar specifically focused on the college and university level students of Nepal and it was held in 15 September 2020.

The attached report presents a summary of presentations and views on education by the panelists and also evaluates the discussions and feedback from the participants through questions and answers and panel discussions.


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