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Karen Santiago

Country of origin: Philippines Currently in: Philippines, Manila General field of specialization: Chemical Sciences
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2011 Doctorate Chemical Sciences
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Current Research Activities

Chemical Sciences

SMART POLYMER SYSTEMS AS SENSORS AND ACTUATORS This research area focuses on the synthesis, and engineering of polymer materials to come up with platforms that may be used as sensors and actuators. The properties of these smart polymers are often improved by incorporation of materials in nanostate dimensions. Current specific applications include olfactory and taste sensing, controlling of drug and fertilizer release, and self-healing.

Research Keywords: 
controlled drug delivery systems

Publications resulting from Research: 

Jolleen Natalie I. Balitaan, Jui-Ming Yeh, Karen S. Santiago, Marine waste to a functional biomaterial: Green facile synthesis of modified-β-chitin from Uroteuthis duvauceli pens (gladius), International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 2019, ISSN 0141-8130. IF: 4.784.

Padua, L.M.G.; Yeh, J.; Santiago, K.S. A Novel Application of Electroactive Polyimide Doped with Gold Nanoparticles: As a Chemiresistor Sensor for Hydrogen Sulfide Gas. Polymers 2019, 11, 1918, 1-16. IF:3.542. Invited contributor for a Special Issue. https://doi:10.3390/polym11121918

Kuan-Ying Chen, Yen-Shi Lai, Jun-Kai You, Karen S. Santiago, Jui-Ming Yeh, “Effective anticorrosion coatings prepared from sulfonated electroactive polyurea,” Polymer, Volume 166, 12 March 2019, Pages 98-107 (Scopus, and Clarivate Analytics Indexed, IF: 3.483).

Wei-Fu Ji, Chieh-Ming Chu, Sheng-Chieh Hsu, Yi-De Lu, Karen S. Santiago, and Jui-Ming Yeh, “Synthesis and characterization of organo-soluble aniline oligomer-based electroactive doped with gold nanoparticles, and application to electrochemical sensing of ascorbic acid,” Polymer, Volume 128, 16 October 2017, Pages 218-228.

Sheng-Chieh Hsu, Hsiao-Tung Cheng, Pei-Xuan Wu, Chang-Jian Weng, Karen S. Santiago, Jui-Ming Yeh. “Electrochemical Sensor Constructed Using a Carbon Paste Electrode Modified with Mesoporous Silica Encapsulating PANI Chains Decorated with GNPs for Detection of Ascorbic Acid.” Electrochimica Acta 238 (2017) 246–256.

Kim Christopher C. Aganda, Maribel G. Nonato, Fortunato Sevilla III, Karen S. Santiago
“Headspace Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy for the Differentiation of Pandanus Species” Original Research Article. Talanta, Volume 164, 1 March 2017, Pages 439-444.

Rey Alfred G. Rañola, Karen S. Santiago, and Fortunato B. Sevilla III. “Use of array of conducting polymers for differentiation of coconut oil products,” Talanta, 146(2016) 75-82.

James Earl Patrick L. Banal, Rey Alfred G. Rañola, Karen S. Santiago, and Fortunato B. Sevilla III. “Electronic nose based on conducting polymers for the discrimination of medicinal plants,” Applied Mechanics and Materials Vols. 490-491 (2014) 1194-1198.

Karen S. Santiago and Charles Patrick B. Chua. “Polyaniline/Nylon Composite-based Trimethylamine Chemiresistor Sensor,” ACTA Manilana, ISSN 0065-1370, (2013) Vol. 61, 77-83.

Parawee Rattanakit, Simon E. Moulton, Karen S. Santiago, Saisunee Liawruangrath and Gordon G. Wallace. Extrusion printed polymer structures: A facile and versatile approach to tailored
drug delivery platforms. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 422 (2012) 254– 263.

T.M. Palaroan, K.S. Santiago, F.B. Sevilla III. “Chemiresistor sensor for TMA based on PEDOT:PSS for the assessment of fish freshness.” (2011) Acta Manilana 59:11-18.

Ranola, R.A.G. and K.S. Santiago. Guasch, J.M. (Ed.). Estero de Sante Banez. Sharing a vision: Estero advocacy for a vibrant Pasig River. Manila, Philippines, Philippine Journal of Science, ISBN No. 978-971-0352-26-5, (2009) 45-48.

K.S. Santiago, P.A.T. Flores, I.H.A. Puno, E. Montano, R.A.G. Rañola, F.B.Sevilla III, “Polyaniline/Graphite Composites: In-situ Synthesis and Characterization,” ACTA Manilana, ISSN 0065-1370, (2008) Vol. 56, 37-42.

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