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Maria Fernanda Rivera Velasquez

Country of origin: Ecuador Currently in: Ecuador, Riobamba General field of specialization: Engineering sciences
OWSD Award
Academic Background


2008 Doctorate Physics
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Astronomy, Space and Earth Sciences

• Groundwater Flow & Transport mechanism • Groundwater monitoring – Data Management, Assessment and Its uncertainties. • Groundwater Hydrology- Conceptual and Computational Models. • Groundwater-Surface water interaction. • Health Risk Analysis for contaminated industrial site. • Applied Geophysics. • New reactive materials for the reduction of contaminants, with special attention to local natural fibers and minerals (zeolites). • Contamination produced by mining activities.

Research Keywords: 
Ground water Hydrology
Groundwater contamination

Publications resulting from Research: 

• M.F.Rivera, et al. (2008) Análisis de riesgo para sitios contaminados. Aplicación a un caso de interés italiano, Revista Latinoamericana de Hidrogeología, Vol. 6, Montevideo, Uruguay, PP 69-77

• C. Fallico , S. Troisi, A. Molinari, M. F. Rivera. (2010) Characterization Of Broom Fibers For PRB In The Remediation Of Aquifers Contaminated By Heavy Metals, Biogeosciences Journay, Biogeosciences Discuss., 7, 1407–1444

• Article:  C. Fallico , S. Troisi, A. Molinari, M. F. Rivera: "Characterization Of Broom Fibers For PRB In The Remediation Of Aquifers Contaminated By Heavy Metals". Biogeosciences Journal, Biogeosciences Discuss., 7, 1407–1444.

• Article: Maria Fernanda Rivera–Velasquez, Carmine Fallico, Ignazio Guerra and Salvatore Straface: "A Comparison Between Deterministic and Probabilistic Approaches for Assessing Risks from Contaminated Aquifers; an Italian Case Study". Waste Management & Research Journal , 31(12) 1245–1254 (2013).

• Article: C. Fallico, A. Tavolaro, M. F.Rivera, M. Mayacela:"Indagine sulla caratterizzazione di sostanze reattive naturali e artificiali per la bonifica tramite PRB di acquiferi contaminati da metalli pesanti. Primi risultati" in "Atti della Giornata di Studi per l'80° del Prof.Frega" Editor: C. Fallico,.EdiBios di Irene Olivieri, pages 57-70 (2016). ISBN 978-88-97181-46-0.

• Article S. De Bartolo, C. Fallico, M.F. Rivera, M. Veltri: "Spatial Variability Of Water Retention Curve Fractal Dimension" Avances en Ciencias e Ingenierías, Vol. 7, N.2, Sect C, 12-22, 2015

• Article: C. Fallico, M. F. Rivera, A. C. Ríos, A. Molinari, P. Santillán, M. Salazar:"Determinación de los parámetros hidrodispersivos de una falda acuífera mediante pruebas con trazadores", Avances en Ciencias e Ingenierías, Vol. 5, N. 1, Sect. C 22-30, (2013)  

Current profession

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Prizes, Grants and Awards

OWSD Awards

Feb 2017
OWSD-Elsevier Foundation Award for Early Career Women Scientists
For her work using the fibre of a native Ecuadorian plant (Cabuya) and reactive minerals (zeolites) taken from the region to reduce contamination in inudstrial areas. Dr. Rivera Velásquez's work has had a profound impact on the improvement of working conditions in small-scale and artisan mineral mining.

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