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Spozmai Panezai

Country of origin: Pakistan Currently in: Poland, Torun General field of specialization: Physics
Academic Background


2015 Doctorate Physics
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities


Optical image processing

Publications resulting from Research: 

1. Huang, H., Wang, D., Rong, L., Panezai, S., Zhang, D., Qiu, P., . . . . Zheng, Z. (2018). Continuous-wave off-axis and in-line terahertz digital holography with phase unwrapping and phase autofocusing. Optics Communications 426: 612-622.
2. Huang, H., Wang, D., Li, W., Rong, L., Taylor, Z. D., Deng, Q., . . . Panezai, S. (2017). Continuous-wave terahertz multi-plane in-line digital holography. Optics and Lasers in Engineering 94: 76-81.
3. Lin, Q., Wang, D., Wang, Y., Guo, S., Panezai, S., Ouyang, L., . . . Zhao, J. (2017). Super-resolution quantitative phase-contrast imaging by microsphere-based digital holographic microscopy. Optical Engineering 56(3): 034116-034116.
4. Panezai, S., Zhao, J., Wang, Y., Wang, D., and Rong, L. (2017). Speckle suppression in off-axis lensless Fourier transform digital holography. Optics Communications 397: 100-104.
5. Wang, F., Wang, D., Panezai, S., Rong, L., Wang, Y., and Zhao, J. (2017). Imaging on the surfaces of an uneven thickness medium based on hybrid phase retrieval with the assistance of off-axis digital holography. Optics Communications 401: 59-65.
6. Wang, F., Wang, D., Panezai, S., Rong, L., Wang, Y., and Zhao, J. (2016). Generalized dual-plane digital holographic imaging method. Optics Communications 381: 56-62.
7. Panezai, S., Wang, D., Zhao, J., Wang, Y., Rong, L., and Ma, S. (2015). Study of oblique incidence characterization of parallel aligned liquid crystal on silicon. Optical Engineering 54(3): 037109-037109.
8. Huang, H., Jiang, Z., Wang, D., Cai, W., Man, T., Wang, Z., and Panezai, S. (2014). Shift-multiplexing complex spectral-domain optical coherence tomography. Optical Engineering 53(1): 014101-014101.
9. Panezai, S., Wang, D., Zhao, J., Wang, Y., and Rong, L. (2014). Dual-plane in-line digital holography based on liquid crystal on silicon spatial light modulator. Applied optics 53(27): G105-G110.
10. Wang, Y., Meng, P., Wang, D., Rong, L., and Panezai, S. (2013). Speckle noise suppression in digital holography by angular diversity with phase-only spatial light modulator. Optics express 21(17): 19568-19578.

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