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Indra Nyamjav Nyamjav

Country of origin: Mongolia Currently in: Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar General field of specialization: Biological Systems and Organisms
Academic Background


2011 Master Biological Systems and Organisms
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Biological Systems and Organisms

Soil microbiome, Environmental studies, Ecology and evolutions

Publications resulting from Research: 

Batsukh Ch, Byambasuren D, Indra N, Ariunzaya J, Namsrai S (2018). Result of study for dairy wastewater treatment by microbiological advanced technology. Proceedings of Khureltogoot scientific conference, Ulaanbaatar. p91-101.

Indra. N, Batsukh. Ch, and et al., (2016). The research work in the remediation of polluted soil using Microbiological advanced technology, Erdem shinjilgeenii buteel, №3, p80-85.

Indra. N, Batsukh. Ch, and et al., (2016). On the investigation of polluted soil treatment by using EM technology,Proceedings of The Chemistry-2016 scientific conference, Ulaanbaatar, p94.

Oyunbat P, Ganzorig U, Dorjkhand B, Indra N, Samdandorj М., (2016). “Preliminary result of pit latrine of ger district zone of the Ulaanbaatar city”. Proceeding of WATARID-IV international conference, Japan. p19

Batsukh. Ch, Javzanpagma. S, Indra. N and et al., (2016). The study of wheat plantation in the field by using eco-friendly fertilizer produced by green technology, Proceedings of The Khurel-Togoot scientific conference, p84-91.

Indra N. (2015, Master thesis) 荒漠草地植被综合修复技术研究, 内蒙古农业大学生态环境学院, p41.

Indra N. (2011). Precipitation. “Screen” scientific magazine, March , Volime 1.

Indra N. (2010, Bachelor thesis). Distribution and diversity of caddisfly family, (Trichoptera: Glossosomatidae) in some rivers of Mongolia. p42.

Indra N. (2010). Aquatic insect survey in some rivers of Darkhad area. Proceedings of the scientific conference of Biology Faculty, The National University of Mongolia. p18-22.

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Methods for isolating, analyzing and characterizing of DNA, RNA proteins and organic molecules, SDS-PAGE, IEF, Western Blot, Microscopy (Confocal and Light), Microbial cell culture techniques

Workshop and Conference Attended

2016 Ulaanbaatar The fourth International conference on chemical investigation and utilization of natural resources
2016 Japan WATARID-IV international conference

Presentation given

Preliminary result of pit latrine of ger district zone of the Ulaanbaatar city
Event: WATARID-IV international conference
Prizes, Grants and Awards

Other Awards

Dec 2016
Best worker
Awarded by Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Mongolian Academy of Sciences.
May 2011
Annual Outstanding International Student
Awarded by Inner Mongolia University, P.R.China.

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