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Hayat Lionboui

Country of origin: Morocco Currently in: Morocco, Beni-Mellal General field of specialization: Agricultural Sciences
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2018 Doctorate Agricultural Sciences
2008 Master Agricultural Sciences
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Current Research Activities

Agricultural Sciences

Publications resulting from Research: 

 Htitiou, A., Boudhar, A., Lebrini, Y., Hadria, R., Lionboui, H., & Benabdelouahab, T. (2020). A comparative analysis of different phenological information retrieved from Sentinel-2 time series images to improve crop classification: a machine learning approach. Geocarto International, 1-24. doi: 10.1080/10106049.2020.1768593
 Lebrini, Y., Boudhar, A., Htitiou, A., Hadria, R., Lionboui, H., Bounoua, L., & Benabdelouahab, T. (2020). Remote monitoring of agricultural systems using NDVI time series and machine learning methods: a tool for an adaptive agricultural policy. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 13(16), 796. doi: 10.1007/s12517-020-05789-7
 Lionboui, H., Benabdelouahab, T., Htitiou, A., Lebrini, Y., Abdelghani, B., Hadria, R., & Elame, F. (2020). Spatial assessment of losses in wheat production value: A need for an innovative approach to guide risk management policies. Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment, 18(1), 100300.
 Lionboui, H., Elame, F., Boudhar, A., Hadria, R., Elboukari, B., & Benabdelouahab, T. (2020). A modelling approach to assess technology effect on wheat farms performance in semi-arid areas. International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management, 30(4), 561-577. doi: 10.1504/IJPQM.2020.108575
 Benabdelouahab, T., Lebrini, Y., Boudhar, A., Hadria, R., Htitiou, A. and Lionboui, H. (2019). Monitoring spatial variability and trends of wheat grain yield over the main cereal regions in Morocco: a remote-based tool for planning and adjusting policies. Geocarto International. DOI: 10.1080/10106049.2019.1695960.
 Htitiou, A., Boudhar, A., Lebrini, Y., Hadria, R., Lionboui, H., Elmansouri, L., Tychon, B. and Benabdelouahab, T., (2019). The Performance of Random Forest Classification Based on Phenological Metrics Derived from Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8 to Map Crop Cover in an Irrigated Semi-arid Region. Remote Sensing in Earth Systems Sciences. Vol 2 (4): pp 208–224.
 Hadria, R., Benabdelouahab, T., Elmansouri, L., Gadouali, F., Ouatiki, H., Boudhar, A., Salhi, A. and Lionboui, H. (2019). Derivation of air temperature of agricultural areas of Morocco from remotely land surface temperature based on the updated Köppen-Geiger climate classification. Modeling Earth Systems and Environment. Vol 5(4): 1883–1892.
 Khellouk, R., Barakat, A., El Jazouli, A., Boudhar, A., Lionboui, H., Rais, J. and Benabdelouahab, T. (2019). An integrated methodology for surface soil moisture estimating using remote sensing data approach, Geocarto International, DOI: 10.1080/10106049.2019.1655797
 Lebrini, Y., Boudhar, A., Hadria, R., Lionboui, H., Elmansouri, L., Arrach, R., Ceccato, P., Benabdelouahab, T., (2019). Identifying Agricultural Systems Using SVM Classification Approach Based on Phenological Metrics in a Semi‑arid Region of Morocco. Earth Systems and Environment, 3(6):1-12.
 Elame, F. and Lionboui, H. (2019). Performance and Competitiveness of the Moroccan Tomato. International Journal of Investment Management and Financial Innovations, 5(1): 1-6
 Benabdelouahab, T., Derauw, D., Lionboui, H., Tychon, B., Hadria, R., Boudhar, A., Balaghi, R., Lebrini, Y., Maaroufi, H., and Barbier, Ch. (2019). Using SAR Data to Detect Wheat Irrigation Supply in an Irrigated Semi-arid Area. Journal of Agricultural Science, Vol. 11(1), ISSN 1916-9752.
 Benabdelouahab, T., Lionboui, H., Hadria, R., Balaghi, R., Boudhar, A. and Tychon, B. (2019). Support Irrigation Water Management of Cereals Using Optical Remote Sensing and Modeling in a Semi-Arid Region. In M. El-Ayachi, & L. El Mansouri (Eds.), Geospatial Technologies for Effective Land Governance (pp. 124-145). Hershey, PA: IGI Global. doi:10.4018/978-1-5225-5939-9.ch008.
 Elame, F., Lionboui, H., Wifaya, A., Mokrini, F., Mimouni, A. and Azim, K. (2019). Analyse économique de la compétitivité de la filière tomate dans le Souss-Massa (Maroc). Revue Marocaine des Sciences Agronomiques et Vétérinaires. Vol 7 (4).
 Lionboui, H., Benabdelouahab, T., Elame, F., Hasib, A., and Boulli, A. (2018). Estimating the economic impacts of climate change on agricultural water management indicators. Pertanika Journal of science and technology, JST Vol. 26 (2), ISSN: 0128-7680.
 Khellouk, R., Barakat, A., Boudhar, A., Hadria, R., Lionboui, H., El Jazouli, A., Rais, J., El Baghdadi, M., and Benabdelouahab, T. (2018). Spatiotemporal monitoring of surface soil moisture using optical remote sensing data: a case study in a semi-arid area. Journal of Spatial Science, 1-19.
 Lionboui, H., Benabdelouahab, T., Elame, F., Hasib, A., and Boulli, A. (2018). Dynamic Agro-Economic Modeling for Sustainable Water Resources Management in Arid and Semi-arid Areas. In: Hussain C. (eds) Handbook of Environmental Materials Management. Springer, Cham.
 Lionboui, H., Benabdelouahab, T., Elame, F., Hasib, A., and Boulli, A. (2016). Multi-year agro-economic modelling for predicting changes in irrigation water management indicators in the Tadla sub-basin. International Journal of Agricultural Management. Volume 5(4):96-105, December 2016.
 Lionboui, H., Benabdelouahab, T., Hasib, A., and Boulli, A. (2016). Analysis of Farms Performance Using Different Sources of Irrigation Water: A Case Study in a Semi-Arid Area. International Journal of Agricultural Management and Development. Volume 6(2): 145-154, June 2016.
 Elame, F., Lionboui, H., and Redouane, C.-A. (2016). Water Use Efficiency and Valuation in Agriculture in the Souss-Massa. pp. 1-9. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Berlin, Heidelberg.
 Benabdelouahab, T., Balaghi, R., Hadria, R., Lionboui, H., Djaby, B.and Tychon, B. (2016). Testing AquaCrop to simulate Durum wheat yield and schedule irrigation in semi-arid irrigated perimeter in Morocco. Irrigation and Drainage.
 Benabdelouahab, T., Balaghi, R., Hadria, R., Lionboui, H.,and Tychon, B. (2016). Assessment of vegetation water content in wheat using near and shortwave infrared SPOT-5 Data in an irrigated area. Revue Des Sciences De l'Eau.
 Benabdelouahab, T., Balaghi, R., Hadria, R., Lionboui, H., Minet, J. and Tychon, B. (2015). Monitoring surface water content using visible and short-wave infrared SPOT-5 data of wheat plots in irrigated semi-arid regions. International Journal of Remote Sensing. Volume 36(15):4018-4036, August 2015.
 Lionboui, H., Fadlaoui, A., Elame, F., and Benabdelouahab, T. (2014). Water pricing impact on the economic valuation of water resources. International Journal of Education and Research Volume 2(6):147-166, July 2014.
 Elame, F.and Lionboui, H. (2014). Efficience technique, allocative et économique des exploitations agricoles de la zone de Souss-Massa. Revue de la recherche agronomique marocaine Al Awamia Vol 2014.
 Lionboui H., Doukkali M.R, Fadlaoui A., Bahri A.and Benabdelouahab T. (2012). Efficience technico-économique et valorisation de l’eau des exploitations agricoles dans le périmètre irrigué de Tadla ». IHP-VII Series on Groundwater No. 4, International Hydrological Program- Division of Water Sciences, UNESCO. Pages 452-459.
 Benabdelouahab, T., Douaik, A., Mrabet, R. and Lionboui, H. (2012). Cartographie de la Conductivité hydraulique à saturation du sol par les méthodes géostatistiques. ». IHP-VII Series on Groundwater No. 4, International Hydrological Program- Division of Water Sciences, UNESCO.2012. Pages 233-240.

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Researcher in Environmental Economics and Natural Resource Modeling

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