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Mariam Elkhechafi

Country of origin: Morocco Currently in: Morocco, Kenitra General field of specialization: Mathematical sciences
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2018 Doctorate Computing and Information Technology
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Current Research Activities

Mathematical sciences

Research Keywords: 
applied mathematics

Publications resulting from Research: 

Mariam Elkhechafi, Hanaa Hachimi, Youssfi Elkettani: Hybridization of Bio-inspiredMetaheuristics for Global Optimization , LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (October 27, 2017)

ArticlesNour-Eddine M’haouache,Mariam Elkhechafi, Hanaa Hachimi, Moulaytaibbelghiti RELIABILITYAND OPTIMIZATION OF THE MANUFACTURING OF STEEL FLANGES, BY USING MECHANICALMETHOD, STATISTICAL METHOD, FIREFLY ALGORITHM. International Journal of Mechanicaland Production, vol. 9, Issue 2, Apr 2019, 99-110.Mariam Elkhechafi, zoubida Benmamoun, Aouatif Amine,Hanaa Hachimi ,Youssfi Elkettani ,(2018)” Firefly algorithm (FA) for supply chain Optimization ” Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics,pp. 355–367 2018, Vol. 39, No. 3.Mariam Elkhechafi, Hanaa Hachimi ,Youssfi Elkettani, (2018) ” A New Hybrid Cuckoo Searchand Firefly Optimization ” Monte Carlo Methods and Applications - De GruyterMariam Elkhechafi, Hanaa Hachimi, Youssfi Elkettani(2017 ): A New Hybrid Firefly withGenetic Algorithm for Global Optimization.International Journal of Management andApplied Science (IJMAS) , pp. 47-51, Volume-3,Issue-4Mariam Elkhechafi, Hanaa Hachimi, EL KETTANI Y, AMINE A.: Construction of a novel waterquality classifier : A case study in the Sebou region. International Journal ofApplied Mathematics and Statistics 01/2017

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