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Choe Earn Choong

Country of origin: Malaysia Currently in: Korea, Republic of, Seoul General field of specialization: Engineering sciences
Academic Background


2018 Doctorate Engineering sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Engineering sciences

Development of catalyst for water and wastewater treatment

Research Keywords: 
Water treatment

Publications resulting from Research: 

1. Seok Byum Jang, Choe Earn Choong*, Saravanan Pichiah, Jae young Choi, Yeomin Yoon, Eun Ha Choi, Min Jang, In-situ growth of manganese oxide on self-assembled 3D- magnesium hydroxide coated on polyurethane: Catalytic oxidation mechanism and application for Mn(II) removal, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2022,424, Part A,127267.
2. Choe Earn Choong, Kien Tiek Wong, Seok Byum Jang, Jae-Yong Song, Sang-Gon An, Cha-Won Kang, Yeomin Yoon, Min Jang, Soil permeability enhancement using pneumatic fracturing coupled by vacuum extraction for in-situ remediation: Pilot-scale tests with an artificial neural network model, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, Volume 10, Issue 1, 2022,107075.
3. Seong-Nam Nam, Choe Earn Choong, Shamia Hoque, Tanvir I. Farouk, Jinwoo Cho, Min Jang, Shane A. Snyder, Michael E. Meadows, Yeomin Yoon, Catalytic non-thermal plasma treatment of endocrine disrupting compounds, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products in aqueous solution: A review, Chemosphere, 290, 2022, 133395.
4. Hyeseong Kim, Choe Earn Choong*, Ihn Han, Chang Min Park, In Wook Nah, Jung Rae Kim, Byong-Hun Jeon, Yeomin Yoon, Min Jang, Insight into the role of charge carrier mediation zone for singlet oxygen production over rod-shape graphitic carbon nitride: Batch and continuous-flow reactor, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Volume 424, Part C, 2022, 127652.
5. Lee, Geon J., Pradeep Lamichhane, Seong J. Ahn, Seong H. Kim, Manesh A. Yewale, Choe E. Choong, Min Jang, and Eun H. Choi 2021. "Nitrate Capture Investigation in Plasma-Activated Water and Its Antifungal Effect on Cryptococcus pseudolongus Cells" International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22, no. 23: 12773.
6. Kien Tiek Wong, Seok Byum Jang, Choe Earn Choong, Cha-won Kang, Geun Chun Lee, Jae Yong Song, Yeomin Yoon, Min Jang, In situ Fenton remediation for diesel contaminated clayey zone assisted by thermal plasma blasting: Synergism and cost estimation, Chemosphere, 2021, 131574.
7. Minjung Jeon, Byung-Moon Jun, Sewoon Kim, Jaeweon Cho, Chang Min Park, Choe Earn Choong, Min Jang, Yeomin Yoon, Sonodegradation of amitriptyline and ibuprofen in the presence of Ti3C2Tx MXene, Journal of Hazardous Materials Letters, Volume 2, 2021,100028.
8. So Yeon Yoon, Seok Byum Jang, Kien Tiek Wong, Hyeseong Kim, Min Ji Kim, Choe Earn Choong*, Jae-kyu Yang, Yoon-Young Chang, Sang-Eun Oh, Yeomin Yoon, Min Jang, Sulfur-anchored palm shell waste-based activated carbon for ultrahigh sorption of Hg(II) for in-situ groundwater treatment, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2021, 125995.
9. Baekha Ryu, Kien Tiek Wong, Choe Earn Choong, Jung-Rae Kim, Hyunook Kim, Sang-Hyoun Kim, Byong-Hun Jeon, Yeomin Yoon, Shane A. Snyder, Min Jang, Degradation synergism between sonolysis and photocatalysis for organic pollutants with different hydrophobicity: A perspective of mechanism and application for high mineralization efficiency, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 416, 2021, 125787.
10. Choe Earn Choong, Kien Tiek Wong, Hyeseong Kim, Seok Byum Jang, So Yeon Yoon, In Wook Nah, Wooyul Kim, Sang-Hyoun Kim, Byong-Hun Jeon, Yeomin Yoon, Min Jang, Unexpected discovery of superoxide radical generation by oxygen vacancies containing biomass derived granular activated carbon, Water Research, 2021, 190: 116757.
11. Choe Earn Choong, Kien Tiek Wong, Seok Byum Jang, Pichiah Saravanan, Chulhwan Park, Sang-Hyoun Kim, Byong-Hun Jeon, Jaeyoung Choi, Yeomin Yoon, Min Jang, Granular Mg-Fe layered double hydroxide prepared using dual polymers: Insights into synergistic removal of As(III) and As(V), Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2021, 403:123883.
12. Choe Earn Choong, Kien Tiek Wong, So Yeon Yoon, Heeyeon Kim, Mincheol Shin, Yoon-Young Chang, Jae-kyu Yang, Sang-Hyoun Kim, Byong-Hun Jeon, Yeomin Yoon, Min Jang, A facile acid induced water-based solvent by improving hydrophobicity for simultaneous remediating total petroleum hydrocarbon, heavy metals and benzo(a) pyrene contaminated soil: Laboratory- and pilot-scale studies, Journal of Cleaner Production, 2021, 278: 123425.
13. Choe Earn Choong, Shaliza Ibrahim, Ahmed El-Shafie, Artificial Neural Network (ANN) model development for predicting just suspension speed in solid-liquid mixing system, Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, 2020; 71: 101689.
14. Kien Tiek Wong, Seung Chul Kim, Kayoung Yun, Choe Earn Choong, In Wook Nah, Byong-Hun Jeon, Yeomin Yoon, min jang, Understanding the potential band position and e-/h+ separation lifetime for Z-scheme and type-II heterojunction mechanisms for effective micropollutant demineralization: Comparative experimental and DFT studies, Applied Catalyst B: Environmental, 2020, 373: 119034.
15. Minhee Kim, Choe Earn Choong, Seunghun Hyun, Chang Min Park, Gooyong Lee, Mechanism of Simultaneous Removal of Aluminum and Fluoride from Aqueous Solution by La/Mg/Si-Activated Carbon, Chemosphere. 2020, 253, 126580.
16. Nor Haslina Abdullah, Shaliza Ibrahim, Choe Earn Choong, Nuruol Syuhadaa Mohd, Flow Pattern and Velocity Characteristics of Radial and Axial Impellers and the Effects on Mixing Time over a Range of Operating Conditions. Malaysian Journal of Science, 2020.
17. Choe Earn Choong, Shaliza Ibrahim, Kien Tiek Wong, Soek Byum Jang, In Wook Nah, Jaeyoung Choi, Yeomin Yoon, Min Jang. Fluoride removal by palm shell waste based powdered activated carbon vs. functionalized carbon with magnesium silicate: Implications for their application in water treatment, Chemosphere, 2019,124765.
18. Choe Earn Choong, Shaliza Ibrahim, Wan Jeffrey Basirun, Mesoporous silica from batik sludge impregnated with aluminum hydroxide for the removal of bisphenol A and ibuprofen, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 2019, 541:12-17.
19. Shaliza Ibrahim, Choe Earn Choong*, Ahmed El-Shafie, Sensitivity analysis of artificial neural networks for just-suspension speed prediction in solid-liquid mixing systems: Performance comparison of MLPNN and RBFNN, Advanced Engineering Informatics, 2019;39:278-291.
20. Choe Earn Choong, Minhee Kim, Seyoon Yoon, Gooyong Lee, Chang Min Park, Mesoporous La/Mg/Si-incorporated palm shell activated carbon for the highly efficient removal of aluminum and fluoride from water, Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2018;93: 306-314.
21. Choe Earn Choong, Gooyong Lee , Min Jang , Chang Min Park , Shaliza Ibrahim. One Step Hydrothermal Synthesis of Magnesium Silicate Impregnated Palm Shell Waste Activated Carbon for Copper Ion Removal. Metals. 2018; 8(10):741.
22. Choe Earn Choong, Gooyong Lee, Jang Min, Shaliza Ibrahim. Fabrication of seashell-incorporated polyurethane for sustainable remediation of Fe(II)-contaminated acidic wastewater. Journal of Polymers and Environment. 2018; 27(2): 309-317.
23. Choe Earn Choong, Shaliza Ibrahim, Yeomin Yoon, Min Jang, Removal of lead and bisphenol A using magnesium silicate impregnated palm-shell waste powdered activated carbon: Comparative studies on single and binary pollutant adsorption, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 2018;148:142-151.
* Corresponding author

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Prizes, Grants and Awards

Other Awards

Oct 2012
International trade fair(IENA)
Gold Medal for international trade fair(IENA), Germany, Nuremberg : A new approach to reuse Water Treatment Sludge for pottery manufacturing.
Jan 2018
Commercialization Research Funding
Commercialization Research Funding , UMCIC, University Malaya , Water Dispenser Filter
Jan 2015
Postgraduate Research Funding
Postgraduate Research Funding , University Malaya , Sustainable Approach On Remediation Of Acid Mine Drainage Using Calcinated Cockle Shells Incorporate With Polyurethane, (USD 4000)

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