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Abeer Ahmed Qaed Ahmed

Country of origin: Yemen Currently in: South Africa, Johannesburg General field of specialization: Biological Systems and Organisms
PhD Fellowship Alumna OWSD Award
Academic Background


2021 Doctorate Biological Systems and Organisms
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Biological Systems and Organisms

Current research activities are focusing on developing green enzymatic processes to replace chemical ones; developing enzymatic toolboxes to promote the usage of biocatalysis in chemical synthesis, enantioselective reactions in particular; developing high-performance cellulose-degrading enzymes (systems) for economic production of cellulose-based ethanol. We are applying microorganism screening, microbial metagenome screening, and directed molecular evolution techniques for novel enzyme finding and modification, and developing chemical and biochemical processes to use the enzymes in the production of value-added substances. Also, part of the work explores the potential of extracellular vesicles for a variety of biomedical and environmental applications. In addition, the work is focusing on harnessing the power of microbes as for biomedical and environmental applications.

Research Keywords: 
Microbial enzyme
Enzymatic engineering
soil microbiome
extracellular vesicles
Outer membrane vesicles
Microbial Inoculants

Publications resulting from Research: 

Lin H. ; Tang D.-F.; Abeer Ahmed Qaed Ahmed ; Yan L. ; Wu Z.-L., Mutations at the putative active cavity of styrene monooxygenase: Enhanced activity and reversed enantioselectivity, J. Biotechnol., 2012 ,161 ; 235-241.
Abeer Ahmed Qaed Ahmed, Protein engineering of a styrene monooxygenase from Pseudomonas sp. LQ26 [dissertation]. Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences; 2012 July, 97 p.
Lin H.; Liu J.-Y.; Wang H.-B.; Ahmed, Abeer Ahmed Qaed.; Wu Z.-L. Biocatalysis as an alternative for the production of chiral epoxides: a comparative review. J. Mol. Catal. B: Enzym. 2011, 72(3-4), 77-89.
Qaed, Abeer Ahmed.; Lin, H.; Tang, D.-F.; Wu, Z.-L. Rational design of styrene monooxygenase mutants with altered substrate preference. Biotechnol. Lett. 2011, 33, 611-616.

- Bakadia BM, Zhong A, Li X, Boni BO, Abeer Ahmed Qaed Ahmed, Souho T, Zheng R, Shi Z, Shi D, Lamboni L, Yang G. Biodegradable and injectable poly (vinyl alcohol) microspheres in silk sericin-based hydrogel for the controlled release of antimicrobials: application to deep full-thickness burn wound healing. Advanced Composites and Hybrid Materials. 2022 May 7:1-26. .
- Liu L, Ji X, Mao L, Wang L, Chen K, Shi Z, Abeer Ahmed Qaed Ahmed, Thomas S, Vasilievich RV, Xiao L, Li X. Hierarchical-structured bacterial cellulose/potato starch tubes as potential small-diameter vascular grafts. Carbohydrate Polymers. 2021 Dec 27:119034. .
- Atta OM, Manan S, Ul-Islam M, Abeer Ahmed Qaed Ahmed, Ullah MW, Yang G. Development and characterization of plant oil-incorporated carboxymethyl cellulose/bacterial cellulose/glycerol-based antimicrobial edible films for food packaging applications. Advanced Composites and Hybrid Materials. 2022 Jan 7:1-8. .
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- Mao L, Wang L, Zhang M, Ullah MW, Liu L, Zhao W, Li Y, Abeer Ahmed Qaed Ahmed, Cheng H, Shi Z, Yang G. In situ synthesized selenium nanoparticles‐decorated bacterial cellulose/gelatin hydrogel with enhanced antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti‐Inflammatory capabilities for facilitating skin wound healing. Advanced Healthcare Materials. 2021 May 29:2100402.
- Abeer Ahmed Qaed Ahmed, Qi F, Zheng R, Xiao L, Abdalla AM, Mao L, Bakadia BM, Liu L, Atta OM, Li X, Shi Z. The impact of ExHp-CD (outer membrane vesicles) released from Helicobacter pylori SS1 on macrophage RAW 264.7 cells and their immunogenic potential. Life Sciences. 2021 May 25:119644.
- Abeer Ahmed Qaed Ahmed, Zheng R, Abdalla AM, Bakadia BM, Qi F, Xiao L, Atta OM, Mao L, Yang G. Heterogeneous populations of outer membrane vesicles released from Helicobacter pylori SS1 with distinct biological properties. Engineered Science. 2021 May 15. .
- Bakadia BM, He F, Souho T, Lamboni L, Ullah MW, Boni BO, Abeer Ahmed Qaed Ahmed, Mukole BM, Yang G. Prevention and treatment of COVID-19: Focus on interferons, chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and vaccine. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy. 2020 Nov 11:111008.
- Abeer Ahmed Qaed Ahmed, Xiao L, McKay TJ, Yang G. Green metal-based nanoparticles synthesized using medicinal plants and plant phytochemicals against multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. In Green Synthesis in Nanomedicine and Human Health 2021 Mar 9 (pp. 181-246). CRC Press.
- Bakadia BM, Boni BO, Abeer Ahmed Qaed Ahmed, Yang G. The impact of oxidative stress damage induced by the environmental stressors on COVID-19. Life Sciences. 2020 Oct 26:118653.
- Abeer Ahmed Qaed Ahmed, Odelade KA, Babalola OO. Microbial inoculants for improving carbon sequestration in agroecosystems to mitigate climate change. Handbook of Climate Change Resilience. Springer International Publishing: Cham, Switzerland. 2019:1-21.
- Abeer Ahmed Qaed Ahmed, Xiao L, Yang G, Amoxicillin-conjugated gold nanoparticles against Helicobacter pylori. iBIOMED-2020. 5 Great Valley Pkwy, STE 235, Malvern PA 19355, USA.
- Abeer Ahmed Qaed Ahmed, Babalola OO, McKay T. Cellulase-and xylanase-producing bacterial isolates with the ability to saccharify wheat straw and their potential use in the production of pharmaceuticals and chemicals from lignocellulosic materials. Waste and Biomass Valorization. 2018 May;9(5):765-75.
- McKay T, Ndlopfu V W, Abeer Ahmed Qaed Ahmed. The Blesbokspruit Wetland, South Africa: A High Altitude Wetland Under Threat. 2018. Available online at: wetland_South_Africa_A_high_altitude_wetland_under_threat (accessed May 20, 2021).
- Abeer Ahmed Qaed Ahmed, McKay T. Saccharification of lignocellulosic materials by cellulolytic and xylanolytic Paenibacillus illioisensis CX11. Asian Journal of Applied Sciences. 2017 Apr 22;5(2).
- Abeer Ahmed Qaed Ahmed, Ahmed AA, McKay TJ. Potential of Bacillus sp. LG7 as a promising source of ligninolytic enzymes for industrial and biotechnological applications. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India Section B: Biological Sciences. 2019 Jun;89(2):441-7. .
- Lin H, Tang DF, Abeer Ahmed Qaed Ahmed, Liu Y, Wu ZL. Mutations at the putative active cavity of styrene monooxygenase: enhanced activity and reversed enantioselectivity. Journal of Biotechnology. 2012 Oct 31;161(3):235-41.
- Lin H, Liu JY, Wang HB, Abeer Ahmed Qaed Ahmed, Wu ZL. Biocatalysis as an alternative for the production of chiral epoxides: a comparative review. Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic. 2011 Nov 1;72(3-4):77-89.
- Abeer Ahmed Qaed, Lin H, Tang DF, Wu ZL. Rational design of styrene monooxygenase mutants with altered substrate preference. Biotechnology Letters. 2011 Mar;33(3):611-6.
- Saleh MM, Al-Shamiri AH, Abeer Ahmed Qaed. Seroprevalence and incidence of Toxoplasma gondii among apparently healthy and visually or hearing disabled children in Taiz City, Yemen. The Korean Journal of Parasitology. 2010 Mar;48(1):71. .

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