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Eugenie Kayitesi

Country of origin: Rwanda Currently in: South Africa, Pretoria General field of specialization: Agricultural Sciences
Academic Background


2013 Doctorate Agricultural Sciences
2010 Master Agricultural Sciences
2005 Undergraduate Agricultural Sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Agricultural Sciences

The core of my on-going and future research relates to improved utilisation of indigenous and mostly underutilised African plant-based foods. My vision is that my research will produce knowledge that is required to improve utilisation of African plant-based foods, with enhanced nutritional, sensory, functional and health-promoting properties. The distinguishing factor about my work is that I undertake fundamental and applied research relating to improved utilisation of indigenous, underutilised African plant foods. These include, legumes, cereals, green leafy vegetables and fruits. My work has highlighted the importance of using readily available and affordable food crops to create food products that improves nutrition and Food security in Africa. Looking forward, my research will therefore continue to focus on value addition of indigenous, underutilised African plant food sources.

Research Keywords: 
Food Biochemistry
Food Processing
Food Analysis
Nutrition biochemistry
agricultural biotechnology
fermented foods
Food and nutrition security

Publications resulting from Research: 

Below are the 10 most recent publications in peer reviewed journals: (Please see the links below the publication for full publication profile on google scholar, ORCiD and ResearchGate)

1. Diale, M.O., Kayitesi, E and Serepa-Dlamini MH., 2021. Genome In Silico and In Vitro Analysis of the Probiotic Properties of a Bacterial Endophyte, Bacillus Paranthracis Strain MHSD3. Frontiers in Genetics. https://doi: 10.3389/fgene.2021.672149

2. Dankwa, R., Aisala, H., Kayitesi, E and de Kock, H.L., 2021. The Sensory Profiles of Flatbreads Made from Sorghum, Cassava, and Cowpea Flour Used as Wheat Flour Alternatives. Foods, 10, 3095.

3. Khoza, F.G.M., Kayitesi, E and Dlamini, B.C., 2021. Physicochemical Characteristics, Microstructure and Health Promoting Properties of Green Banana Flour. Foods; 10, 2894.

4. Ogundele, O.M., Gbashi, S., Oyeyinka, S.A., Kayitesi, E, and Adebo, O.A., 2021. Optimization of Infrared Heating Conditions for Precooked Cowpea Production Using Response Surface Methodology. Molecules, 26, 6137

5. Ndwandwe, B.K., Malinga,S.P, Kayitesi, E and Dlamini, B.C., 2021. Solvothermal synthesis of selenium nanoparticles with polygonal-like nanostructure and antibacterial potential. Materials Letters;

6. Oyeyinka, S.A., Oyedeji, A.B., Ogundele, O.M., Adebo, O.A., Njobeh, B.P and Kayitesi, E, 2021. Infrared heating under optimized conditions enhanced the pasting and swelling behaviour of cowpea starch. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 184, 678-688

7. Odukoya, J.O, Kayitesi, E, Mphahlele, M.P, Tata, M.C, Njinkoue, J.M, Gouado,I, Ikhile, M.I and Ndinteh, D.T, 2021. Contribution of the volatile components from fresh egg, adult female and male of Pestarella tyrrhena to odour production. Physical Sciences Reviews,

8. Adebiyi, J.A., Njobeh, P.B, Kayitesi, E and Adebo, O.A. 2021. GC-HRTOF-MS dataset of metabolites extracted from sorghum and ting (a fermented product) produced using two strains of Lactobacillus fermentum (singly and in combination). Data in Brief, 36, 107102

9. Ndwandwe, B.K., Malinga,S.P, Kayitesi, E and Dlamini, B.C., 2021. Advances in green synthesis of selenium nanoparticles and their application in food packaging. International Journal of Food Science and Technology.

10. Moyo, S.M., Serem, J.C., Bester, M.J., Mavumengwana, V and Kayitesi, E, 2020. The impact of boiling and in vitro human digestion of Solanum nigrum (Black nightshade) on phenolic compounds bioactivity and bioaccessibility. Food Research International

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I work in an Institution of Higher learning (University of Pretoria), my work mostly involves research, teaching and some community engagement related activities.



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