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Naayem Bakran

Country of origin: Yemen Currently in: Yemen, Aden General field of specialization: Physics
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2020 Master Physics
2008 Undergraduate Other
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Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences - University of Aden

Workshop and Conference Attended

11 April 2016 Aden - Yemen Participation in the Scientific Meeting on Public Aspects of Diabetes: Beat Diabetes: "Scale up prevention, strengthen care and enhance surveillance" on the World Health Day
12 April 2016 Aden-Yemen Participation in the worship on the Strategies for the Prevention and Control of Non Communicable Diseases
28-7-2016 Aden-Yemen Participation in Scientific meeting on the occasion of World Hepatitis Day
29 Oct 2016. Aden-Yemen Attendance Scientific meeting in "First Scientific Symposium for the Internship Medical Students"
12-17/11/2016 Aden-Yemen Participation in the volunteer campaign for the program (Fighting Cholera Disease) Ministry of Public Health & Population - Primary Health Care Department
14 Nov 2016. Aden-Yemen Participation in the field work survey. Held on 8-14/11/2016 (AL- Gamhoria Modern General Hospital Aden Diabetes Canter Diabetes Foot Care) for World Diabetes Day
4-5 Feb -2017 Aden-Yemen Participation in 6th Hematology- Oncology Conference "Strategy of Cancer Control in Yemen"
17-19-4-2017 Aden-Yemen Participation in the training workshop on formulating and preparing projects submitted to donors
27-4-2017 Aden-Yemen Participation Scientific meeting on the World Health Day (Let’s talk about Depression)
8-22/5/2017. College of Medicine and Health Sciences-University of Aden_ Yemen Participated in two programs about how to use Epi-Info and SPSS
21-22/3/2016-2017 Aden-Yemen The sixth and seventh annual obstetrics and gynecology conference
1-7 Fab / 2016 Aden-Yemen Participated in Gulf Week for Cancer Awareness
1-7 Fab / 2017 Aden-Yemen Participated in Gulf Week for Cancer Awareness

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